February 24, 2018
February 24, 2018

Stephen, now into his sixties, has gained 3kg muscle in just over 6 months.


I’ve been training Stephen for almost 2 years now and in the latter 6 months of that period, we decided to get DEXA body composition scans to be able to accurately track results.

DEXA gives you precise, meaningful indices based purely on fat and lean mass.

The results came in and they didn’t disappoint. Stephen went from an overall weight of 80.7kg to 83.2kg. Of which his lean mass (muscle tissue) increased by 2.7kg and his fat mass (body fat) reduced by 200g. Netting out at an overall weight increase of 2.5kg.

To add to that he gained 45g in bone mineral content over the same period, a 2.21% increase in overall bone mineral content. The strengthing of bones is one of the many positive outcomes of resistance training and all the more important as you get older.


BEFORE (18 MAY 2017)



All credit to Stephen. He trains harder than most people half his age and put in a lot of hours of personal training in the gym to achieve this result. On the nutrition front Stephen didn’t count calories or hit macronutrients, he tried to eat healthily and supplemented with creatine, whey protein, vitargo and a few different vitamins and minerals.

I’d like to see the result we can achieve if Stephen were to follow a calorie and macronutrient tailored diet, but you try telling that to Stephen, haha!

If Stephen can achieve this gain at his age without hitting macros and with half the testosterone that a 30-year-old might have, then there’s no reason why you can’t be gaining 3kg lean mass in 6 months either, or more!

Thank you to BodyScanUK for the results. You can get 10% off all scans at www.bodyscansuk.com with code ‘BISSELL10’


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