Ian – 12 Week Transformation – Lost 6kg Fat Gained Muscle Tone

“The fact that David writes each phase for you is not only a weight off the mind, it varies so much, enabling you to continually enjoy hitting the gym”

When I first started the programme I wasn’t sure that I’d have the will power or determination to succeed, however, I was really keen to make a change to the way in which I ate and exercised. Having over indulged over the Christmas period (as usual) I really wanted to see if I could improve my physique and my initial aim was to see how close I could get to looking like the gentleman in the ‘Invictus Aftershave’ advert. As a middle aged man, I also wanted to see if I could look and feel a little bit healthier.
Whilst I wasn’t starting from being a complete novice (I was hitting the gym 3 times per week), I was getting a little stale with the same old routines, and although my understanding of nutrition isn’t bad, I needed some clear direction (as well as some encouragement to stay off the booze). Having known David for some considerable time and followed his progress as the founder of MASS and his own career in the fitness industry, he was the first person I thought of contacting for some advice on how I could improve and move things forward. It was at this point that David offered me the 12 week transformation programme as a trial, essentially being the guinea pig for it. This was too good an opportunity to miss, with a holiday booked to Thailand (12 weeks from when we spoke), it gave me the perfect reason to focus and give it 100%. When David emailed over the details of what it would entail, I was extremely sceptical about being able to stick to it, particularly the nutrition side, but David put my mind at ease and offered to coach me through any difficult periods I might have. That was the green light to give it everything.
David is clear and concise about each phase of the training and nutrition from the beginning, so it enables you to mentally prepare. For me, the training of each phase was the most enjoyable aspect. I love going to the gym and the fact that David writes each phase for you is not only a weight off the mind, it varies so much, enabling you to continually enjoy hitting the gym. I would say that the nutrition aspect was definitely the most difficult for me, particularly the final 4 weeks. I would advise anyone thinking about signing up to this to be fully focussed on the changes in your diet. I believe that I eat fairly healthily, but it was a culture shock to count calories and to understand about macronutrients. The beauty is, you always have the support of David, whether that’s at the end of the phone, email or text, he is there to talk you through the difficult times and to give you encouragement.
The 12 week transformation programme for me has been well worth it. Not only do I look fitter and healthier, but I also feel so much better within myself. I struggle to put into words how happy I am, but I am sure going to wear my swimming trunks with confidence in Thailand. David’s ongoing support has been fantastic and I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is serious about making a change. Be prepared to work hard and have the occasional low, but ultimately think about, and look at the end results. If you put 100% in, you will be guaranteed results.

Hugo, 2 days ago

Hugo – 12 Weeks Personal Training - Lost 4.5kg Fat Gained 1.5kg Muscle

“I've not only seen great changes to my body, but I now feel like I'm training rather than just exercising”

David took the time to really understand what I wanted, and put forward a clear plan to get there which included what I should do outside of sessions and nutrition.
I originally had some worries about the nutrition aspect, but David gave me example plans, I was able to use them as inspiration to adapt to my own lifestyle and now know what to eat to compliment my training. My main goals were to learn how to train properly, lose body fat while increasing muscle mass, and increase my overall fitness.
David really took the time to understand what I wanted, and our sessions were always really useful and fun! He really helped me get loads of fundamental movement’s right, and made sure I was able to apply what I was learning outside our sessions.
David exceeded my expectations! I've not only seen great changes to my body, but I now feel like I'm training rather than just exercising. I've lost fat and gained muscle, which has resulted in some very nice compliments! I've gone from not really knowing what to do at the gym to knowing what to do and seeing progress.
I now find nutrition much easier. David’s brilliant, because he’s not just about great sessions, he gives people the tools they need to get what they want!

Luke, 4 days ago

Luke – 5 Months Personal Training – Lost 4kg Fat Gained 2kg Muscle

“I’ve grown in confidence, I’ve put on muscle and I push myself that extra bit even when I’m training alone.”

In my initial consultation with David he mapped out a progressive plan for me which allowed me to see a pathway toward my goal and convinced me to start working with him. I had never had a personal trainer before but knew I wanted to focus on my training and become serious with it.
Since working with David I feel a lot more confident in the gym and as a person.  My goals were to put on muscle and learn to lift properly. I like how David’s training plans are bespoke and focus on exactly the areas I wanted to improve on and feel like I’ve made a lot of progress.
David more than lived up to my expectations, even with me being vegetarian… I was actually told by other trainers that they couldn’t do a diet plan for me but David took it ok and wrote me a great diet plan to accompany me with my training. I’ve grown in confidence, I’ve put on muscle and I push myself that extra bit even when I’m training alone.
I look forward to training with David, it’s not like a chore going to the gym as I know each session I will get the most out of it. David will customise a plan that right for you but also make great suggestions you may have never thought about training when training.

Martina , 6 days ago

Martina – 1 Year Personal Training – Full Body Re-composition

“I always found the gym such a chore before working with David, and now it is an inherent part of my lifestyle which I actually enjoy”

David was friendly, passionate and knowledgeable when we initially met and during my consultation. I liked that his approach to fitness wasn’t put in a single box, i.e. just bodybuilding, or just CrossFit etc.
I found the idea of his cross-discipline approach to be much more appealing and in line with my own aspirations. My only concerns were his age and at the time he was new to personal training, but he overcame my qualms by demonstrating that he knew his stuff and that anything he didn’t know he would find out and get back to me. His passion was quite infectious and made me excited to get going with him.
David has written me some great programs that alone, speak for themselves. And throughout the course of working with him he’s grown and shared his knowledge with me. When I started with David I had a million and one goals that in hindsight all contradicted each other massively but David handled my expectations really well without making me feel that I was going to sacrifice in any area e.g. strength over aesthetics or fitness level etc.
I like that his plans are very easy to follow once you know the movements, he invested a lot of his own time ensuring that I was comfortable with new movements in particular. I love that form and technique is such a key focus for him, he’s taught me so much about how to actually train properly.
David exceeded my expectations, becoming irreplaceable to me as a coach. Since working with David I’ve been completely injury free, which is rare for me, I put it all down to him teaching me the techniques and ensuring I am doing things correctly and taking out exercises that cause me issues.
My physique has transformed but so has my mindset, David helped me realise my potential. I always found the gym such a chore before working with David, and now it is an inherent part of my lifestyle which I actually enjoy – because David gave me the confidence to get in there and train hard, knowing what I am actually doing now.
David is adaptable to your goals, not offering a cookie cutter approach. He is motivating and passionate, he cares about his clients and their progress. But unfortunately, he has small calves.

Chris , 10 days ago

Chris – 18 Weeks Personal Training – Gained 3kg Muscle

"He made the sessions fun, we have a laugh between sets and I enjoy them"

I first decided to work with David because of good feedback from my wife who had already been working with David. Initially I was hesitant because of his age and wondered if we’d have much in common. Since I started working with him his knowledge made it clear that experience counts over years.
He made the sessions fun, we have a laugh between sets and I enjoy them. My goals when I started with David were to put on some muscle, improve general fitness and diet. Stop the middle age slide as I used to be a lot fitter. There’s many things I like about working with David as a personal trainer.
He’s flexible, he’ll work around my schedule and other commitments to ensure we can always fit some sessions in. Adaptability, if I complain of an injury he thinks of an alternative exercise or ways around it. Easy to reach, I can send him questions on whatsapp or email and always receive replies.
Knowledge, having seen his own goals that he achieved it’s clear that he knows what he’s talking about and what it takes. David surpassed my expectations. My physique has improved, friends comment on holiday. Lifestyle has improved, I drink less often and think more about what I’m eating.
Confidence and energy levels have improved (maybe not the latter when cutting!). If you’re thinking of working with David, DO IT!

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