Ben - 8 Weeks Personal Training - Fully Rehabbed Post-Knee Surgery

“My recovery from ACL and micro fracture surgery on my knee couldn’t have been better and I’m now back playing competitive rugby”

I was in the gym doing some rehab when David offered some advice on my technique, and ended up spending 10-15 minutes going through other exercises before arranging a taster session. Following that I realised that I could set achievable goals within a timeframe that, realistically, I would struggle to meet on my own.

David was very approachable and personable, I had no hesitation about working with him. The main issue was the expense, however after seeing the plan of action he laid out for me I realised that I would have much better chance of reaching my goals with him than without.

When I started my goals were to improve strength, power and agility to get back into playing competitive rugby, improve left knee stability and power, change body composition – lose fat and gain muscle and improve general wellbeing.

What I liked most about working with David is that there is a clear structure to the training and that performance is measured at regular intervals. The program was tailored towards my own individual goals. I liked the motivation in the gym to give it 100%, I’m not able to sustain the same performance when I’m training on my own than with David, it probably drops by 15-20% on some occasions.

David surpassed my expectations. My recovery from ACL and micro fracture surgery on my knee couldn’t have been better and now I am back to a healthy active lifestyle. The training and guidance from David was a key part of my recovery.

From weak and no confidence, my left knee is now stronger than my right and I have returned to running and playing rugby. My energy levels have improved, I’ve changed in body composition and I’ve gained technical knowledge from working with David with regards to body mechanics, technique and little tips on how to channel energy/breathing etc.

David is very professional and extremely dedicated. It’s clear to see that health and fitness is his passion as well as his career and that is evident from the enthusiasm and energy he brings to each and every session.

I would highly recommend David to anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goal.

Brandon – 12 Weeks Personal Training – Gained 4.5kg Muscle Mass

“I feel more comfortable in the gym with my techniques, my strength has definitely improved and I feel better in my own image.”

I wanted to work with David, as he approached me in the gym, and gave me advice on a machine to improve my technique. We chatted and he seemed a nice genuine person who is interested in helping others. He’s in great shape himself so I thought he must know what he’s doing.

The price made me hesitate but when you look at the service he provides it’s actually a reasonable deal.

My main goal when I started with David was to improve my technique and gym confidence, as well as the obvious improve personal image.

I enjoyed working with David for many reasons, one reason is he is really easy to get along with. The second reason is he always pushed me to my limits but knew when I reached them. I really enjoyed that he works more on correct technique rather than just piling on the weight. So when I’m training alone I feel more comfortable that I’m not straining myself using bad technique. The plans he made were all really good and suited me, I had to work hard but didn’t spend endless hours on the gym.

I enjoyed ever session I had with David. I feel more comfortable in the gym with my techniques, my strength has definitely improved and I feel better in my own image.

David is the trainer for you, he makes every session enjoyable and you can feel your body working. He pushes and gives confidence to his clients. He’ll offer a training plan that is suited to you and has a variety of different exercises.

I really appreciated, that if I had any questions or needed advice outside of sessions David was always happy to aid me.

Chloe – 12 Weeks Online Coaching – Shredded 8kg Fat and Won Bikini Contest

“I have seen massive changes in my physique. I cut down so well for my competition that I won”

I decided to work with David because I had seen his success and achievements on social media, then met him in person at one of his seminars in Bristol. I saw how passionate and knowledgeable he was and got the impression that he genuinely does want to help people by sharing that knowledge.

My top goal when I started with David to be stage ready to compete in bikini class at an international competition and bring the best package that I could. To cut down to feel better and happier about myself and to bring the best package I could to my first competition.

What I like most about working with David is his that he is available to contact most of the time to answer any questions or queries you have. He is honest and will give his best opinion on what to do and what will be best for you personally and what you want to achieve.

Since starting the online coaching with David, I have seen massive changes in my physique. I cut down so well for my competition that I won! The fitness side of things I learnt lots about tempo, and techniques in exercises and saw changes in my strength. I walk into the gym more focused as there is a structured plan to follow that is enjoyable.

I would refer a friend to David and tell them that he is able to help them with whatever it is they want to achieve. Whether it’s to compete, or just lose some weight, or gain some more muscle mass, he’d be able to help achieve that goal.

Chris – 6 Months Personal Training – Lost 6kg Fat Gained 3kg Muscle.

“David has given me a platform to keep improving, what he’s taught me has allowed me to be more self-reliant”

How I came about working with David was funny actually, I had rejected a few of the PTs as I wanted to try on my own to follow a program. I was seeing results in my program but not in the way that I wanted and so I started to think about working with a PT, David came along that exact day and showed me some form tweaks on the gym floor that made an immediate impact.

The prices for PTs at the gym are quite high and also I was reluctant to work with someone as I am someone who can get frustrated at themselves when they fail and I originally saw working with a PT as admitting that I couldn’t do it by myself. David was friendly, at our first encounter he helped me a bit with my form and then we had a taster session and I really saw how much benefit I could get from working with him. I felt confident he could not only help me get where I wanted to be, but to a stage where I could work more independently.

I’ve learnt a lot about lifting from David. I’ve really been able to push myself and I’m proud of what we have achieved. I feel like David has given me a platform to keep improving, what he’s taught me has allowed me to be more self-reliant whilst also knowing that I can ask someone I trust for help where it’s needed.

My main goal with David was to lose the weight that I had put on by moving to London. I became a bit complacent since moving here, and really wasn’t taking care of myself or what I was eating. I knew that needed to change.

David is a friendly guy. I like that he explains a lot of the exercises, various techniques for them and motivation for why he chose an exercise. Also the same for nutrition, he explained how it works for calorie deficits / surpluses. I felt like I was learning things that could make me be more self-reliant and help me to avoid falling into that pit again. He’s a great motivator, sometimes when I train on my own I still hear his voice saying ‘UP UP UP’. I loved the variance of the programs, learning about different rep ranges, rest times and tempos.

He surpassed my expectations. I improved strength, confidence is up and overall I’m happier. David’s a pro, he’s a friendly guy who is knowledgeable, driven and will push you to improve your training and nutrition.

Chris – 18 Weeks Personal Training – Gained 3kg Muscle

“He made the sessions fun, we have a laugh between sets and I enjoy them”

I first decided to work with David because of good feedback from my wife who had already been working with David. Initially I was hesitant because of his age and wondered if we’d have much in common. Since I started working with him his knowledge made it clear that experience counts over years.

He made the sessions fun, we have a laugh between sets and I enjoy them. My goals when I started with David were to put on some muscle, improve general fitness and diet. Stop the middle age slide as I used to be a lot fitter. There’s many things I like about working with David as a personal trainer. He’s flexible, he’ll work around my schedule and other commitments to ensure we can always fit some sessions in.

Adaptability, if I complain of an injury he thinks of an alternative exercise or ways around it. Easy to reach, I can send him questions on whatsapp or email and always receive replies. Knowledge, having seen his own goals that he achieved it’s clear that he knows what he’s talking about and what it takes. David surpassed my expectations. My physique has improved, friends comment on holiday. Lifestyle has improved, I drink less often and think more about what I’m eating. Confidence and energy levels have improved (maybe not the latter when cutting!).

If you’re thinking of working with David, DO IT!

Dan – 2 Years Personal Training – Doubled all of His Lifts

“Regardless the time of day or whether I am his first or last client, he provides a huge amount of energy and makes a real effort to focus on my workout”

I wanted to work with a likeminded PT who would take the time to understand my fitness goals. I wanted a PT who really invested in their client and got to understand my strengths and weaknesses and was willing to help me improve. It was clear that David was the PT to help me reach my potential in the gym.

I was hesitant to have a PT given the expense and I was sceptical that I would work well to that routine. But as soon as I started training with David I could tell that it would be a successful relationship.

Since having David as my PT I can clearly see how having that structure and constant support has improved my overall gym performance.

My top goals when starting was to understand what gym workouts would help me improve my overall physique. I was particular keen to understand better technique and understand what my lifting strengths and weaknesses were. I wanted to put on more muscle and bulk as well as improve my overall lifting ability.

I particularly enjoy David’s energy and enthusiasm. Regardless the time of day or whether I am his first or last client, he provides a huge amount of energy and makes a real effort to focus on my workout to ensure that I am pushing myself in the right way.

He absolutely lived up to my expectations. I’ve found more structure – I know what I am doing on each day as well as the weight and tempo for each exercise. Consistency is key and his support has helped me reach this. Focus – David has given me a clear goal and, crucially, provided the steps for me to reach this target. Enjoyment – I enjoy the gym a lot more now since David has been my PT and I look forward to each session (even leg day!)

If you are looking for a fun and engaging PT, who will really care about your development and do all he can to ensure you reach your full potential then David Bissell is your man!

Eric – 10 Weeks Personal Training – Lost 8kg Fat Rectified Posture

“This was all Eric, he got the work done and stuck to his diet”

Eric was an excellent client, he got the work done and stuck to his diet. He even kept strong in social situations outside of the gym where others around him were indulging in treats.

Eric came to me with 10 weeks until he went on holiday to Barcelona where he’s from originally. I adapt training and nutrition protocols to each client’s individuality – their timeframe, goal and intensity they are able to give. With Eric, we had to turn around results quickly and he was up for the challenge.

Eric’s body composition went from 72.5kg to 64.75kg over the 10 week period with minimal muscle mass lost. He made great strength gains, taking his press ups from 14 to 34 and max bodyweight squats in 1 minute from 33 to 43. His fitness improved, his metabolic output on the watt bike increasing from 10.6 to 12.2. And as you can see, visually his results.

I appreciate Eric’s adherence to the plan, persistence in sessions, resilience under stress and dedication to learn. You earned these results, hope you had a great holiday Eric.

George – 16 Week Pro Plan – Beach Body Ready

“A no-bull**** approach to making sure you achieve what you want”

Seldom to be the one who writes testimonials but this is an exception. David has been absolutely inspirational in my training both on a Physical and Mental element. He made sure that my diet was tailored and on-point and training was individualised yet effective.

His energy, charisma and overall attitude made it a pleasure to work with him - even on days when I was on low carbs :p - definitely recommended and quite simply a no-bull**** approach to making sure you achieve what you want!

Gokhan – 1.5 Years Personal Training – Shred 4kg Fat Gained 4kg Muscle Mass

“I was done working with PT’s before starting with David, with David it’s a different story”

I feel it is important to work with someone who is both professional and a good friend at the same time. Before working with David I had the chance to observe his daily relations with other people at the gym, especially with his clients. His friendly attitude and professional approach to training was the first thing that got me considering working with him. It’s a difficult thing for a 33 year old man with a desk job who has never really trained to achieve his goals. On the way to that, encouragement and motivation really matter and it was clear that David was very good at those things.

At first I was hesitant David would just push me for the things I struggle with and not really consider my age, lack of flexibility, past injuries etc. No pain no gain mentality. He turned out to be quite the opposite, after almost every set he would ask me how I felt and came up with alternatives for anything I couldn’t or didn’t want to do.

My aim working with David was to shape up a little bit, lose my extra weight and have a better looking chest, shoulders and arms – the standard stuff every guy wants to improve.

David is kind, understanding, and intelligent and has a professional manner. I would like to have people with these qualities around me, including my personal trainer.

To be honest, I was done working with PT’s about a year before starting with David, I never wanted to work with a PT again due to the unsatisfactory service I was provided previously in return for my time and money. However with David it’s a different story, after having a friendly chat with him I realised that he was even more serious about my goals than I was.

I first started to work out with David once a week and he still prepared a plan for the rest of the week that I could follow and nutrition guidance, that was a nice gesture and it was demonstrating that he really cares about his clients no matter how many hours they work with him per week... Now I work with him 3 times per week after being perfectly pleased with the service he provided. David very much lived up to my expectations, I trust him and his professional approach to fitness & training.

Since working with David I feel much stronger, my strength has improved a lot. I lost quite a considerable amount of body fat, dropping down pants size from 36 to 30 and had to replace all my trousers with new ones. My upper body looks way better than before, I feel more muscular and shaped. I’m so pleased to have some bicep and triceps muscles which I’ve never had before. The results I achieved with David encourage me to work harder and achiever better results still.

I can easily refer David to anyone who is considering professional help on the way to achieve their fitness and training goals. Training with David is a feel-good factor, no matter how much I struggle in the sessions, I know I’m on the way to improvements. There is French word; Haute Couture used for creation of exclusive custom - fitted clothing. I think the way that David designs and customises training sessions are quite “haute couture”; meaning exclusively prepared for the exact need of his clients including detailed nutrition plans.

Helen – 2 Years Personal Training – Attained Peak Athletic Performance

“He’s quick to communicate and always delivers what he promises”

I decided to work with David as, although I was already pretty heavily invested in my fitness and training, I needed something new to shake up my workouts. David presented himself in a professional yet approachable way. He clearly listened during the consultation process and didn’t have a one size fits all approach to training.

I’d been working with other PTs and had my own workouts planned so I was a little hesitant about starting to with a new PT and committing financially to bettering myself. David took the time to go through my goals and fitness journey I’d already been on to understand the direction I wanted to take. His training programmes and suggestions were tailored to what I wanted to achieve and were realistic yet challenging at the same time.

It wasn’t long before I had overcome my initial hesitations and knew that David was committed to providing great PT services.

My top goals for when David and I started working together were to continue losing body fat and to increase strength.

I like working with David as his programmes are varied and tailored for the specific reasons I’m training for (e.g. marathon/duathlon training, weight loss). He’s encouraging and down to earth and workouts are challenging but worthwhile. I also like that he concentrates so much on form and technique, which of course, mean greater results and fewer injuries. He’s in great shape too, he definitely knows what he’s doing!

David surpassed my expectations. He’s quick to communicate and always delivers what he promises in terms of nutritional advice and workout plans.

Since working with David I’ve a more balanced approach to fitness and eating, I’ve increased strength with better lifting technique and more self-awareness and my body confidence has built up a lot.

David is worth the investment!

Hugo – 12 Weeks Personal Training - Lost 4.5kg Fat Gained 1.5kg Muscle

“I've not only seen great changes to my body, but I now feel like I'm training rather than just exercising”

David took the time to really understand what I wanted, and put forward a clear plan to get there which included what I should do outside of sessions and nutrition. I originally had some worries about the nutrition aspect, but David gave me example plans, I was able to use them as inspiration to adapt to my own lifestyle and now know what to eat to compliment my training.

My main goals were to learn how to train properly, lose body fat while increasing muscle mass, and increase my overall fitness. David really took the time to understand what I wanted, and our sessions were always really useful and fun! He really helped me get loads of fundamental movement’s right, and made sure I was able to apply what I was learning outside our sessions.

David exceeded my expectations! I've not only seen great changes to my body, but I now feel like I'm training rather than just exercising. I've lost fat and gained muscle, which has resulted in some very nice compliments! I've gone from not really knowing what to do at the gym to knowing what to do and seeing progress. I now find nutrition much easier. David’s brilliant, because he’s not just about great sessions, he gives people the tools they need to get what they want!

Ian – 12 Week Transformation – Lost 6kg Fat Gained Muscle Tone

“The fact that David writes each phase for you is not only a weight off the mind, it varies so much, enabling you to continually enjoy hitting the gym”

When I first started the programme I wasn’t sure that I’d have the will power or determination to succeed, however, I was really keen to make a change to the way in which I ate and exercised. Having over indulged over the Christmas period (as usual) I really wanted to see if I could improve my physique and my initial aim was to see how close I could get to looking like the gentleman in the ‘Invictus Aftershave’ advert. As a middle aged man, I also wanted to see if I could look and feel a little bit healthier.

Whilst I wasn’t starting from being a complete novice (I was hitting the gym 3 times per week), I was getting a little stale with the same old routines, and although my understanding of nutrition isn’t bad, I needed some clear direction (as well as some encouragement to stay off the booze). Having known David for some considerable time and followed his progress as the founder of MASS and his own career in the fitness industry, he was the first person I thought of contacting for some advice on how I could improve and move things forward. It was at this point that David offered me the 12 week transformation programme as a trial, essentially being the guinea pig for it. This was too good an opportunity to miss, with a holiday booked to Thailand (12 weeks from when we spoke), it gave me the perfect reason to focus and give it 100%. When David emailed over the details of what it would entail, I was extremely sceptical about being able to stick to it, particularly the nutrition side, but David put my mind at ease and offered to coach me through any difficult periods I might have. That was the green light to give it everything.

David is clear and concise about each phase of the training and nutrition from the beginning, so it enables you to mentally prepare. For me, the training of each phase was the most enjoyable aspect. I love going to the gym and the fact that David writes each phase for you is not only a weight off the mind, it varies so much, enabling you to continually enjoy hitting the gym. I would say that the nutrition aspect was definitely the most difficult for me, particularly the final 4 weeks. I would advise anyone thinking about signing up to this to be fully focussed on the changes in your diet. I believe that I eat fairly healthily, but it was a culture shock to count calories and to understand about macronutrients. The beauty is, you always have the support of David, whether that’s at the end of the phone, email or text, he is there to talk you through the difficult times and to give you encouragement.

The 12 week transformation programme for me has been well worth it. Not only do I look fitter and healthier, but I also feel so much better within myself. I struggle to put into words how happy I am, but I am sure going to wear my swimming trunks with confidence in Thailand. David’s ongoing support has been fantastic and I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is serious about making a change. Be prepared to work hard and have the occasional low, but ultimately think about, and look at the end results. If you put 100% in, you will be guaranteed results.

Jared – 8 Weeks Personal Training – Abs for Ibiza

“By the time it came to my holiday I felt totally confident and beach-ready”

David created an eight week plan for me (diet and exercise) ahead of a holiday to Ibiza. I am a keen runner but I have never felt comfortable in a gym and would inevitably just end up on the cross trainer pretending to know what I was doing - I never had the confidence to venture over to the weights area or use any other machine. David's training programme, combined with a diet plan tailored to my needs and goals, meant that by the time it came to my holiday I felt totally confident and beach-ready. I had wanted to focus mainly on my arms and abs, and I was not disappointed with the results.

David's training and encouragement has also set me up so that I am so much more confident in a gym now and can actually use the machines. He was available whenever I had any questions about my training, and would explain everything as we went along, encouraging me every step of the way. The fitness tests at various stages in the training were also a great indicator of the progress I was making.

By the end of the plan, I felt so much better about myself, not only physically but mentally. I would highly recommend David to anybody who, like me, didn't feel confident to work out alone and needed some additional encouragement to get started - especially if you've got a holiday coming up to work towards. Thanks David!

Luke – 5 Months Personal Training – Lost 4kg Fat Gained 2kg Muscle

“I’ve grown in confidence, I’ve put on muscle and I push myself that extra bit even when I’m training alone.”

In my initial consultation with David he mapped out a progressive plan for me which allowed me to see a pathway toward my goal and convinced me to start working with him. I had never had a personal trainer before but knew I wanted to focus on my training and become serious with it. Since working with David I feel a lot more confident in the gym and as a person.

My goals were to put on muscle and learn to lift properly. I like how David’s training plans are bespoke and focus on exactly the areas I wanted to improve on and feel like I’ve made a lot of progress. David more than lived up to my expectations, even with me being vegetarian… I was actually told by other trainers that they couldn’t do a diet plan for me but David took it ok and wrote me a great diet plan to accompany me with my training. I’ve grown in confidence, I’ve put on muscle and I push myself that extra bit even when I’m training alone.

I look forward to training with David, it’s not like a chore going to the gym as I know each session I will get the most out of it. David will customise a plan that right for you but also make great suggestions you may have never thought about training when training.

Martina – 1 Year Personal Training – Full Body Re-composition

“I always found the gym such a chore before working with David, and now it is an inherent part of my lifestyle which I actually enjoy”

David was friendly, passionate and knowledgeable when we initially met and during my consultation. I liked that his approach to fitness wasn’t put in a single box, i.e. just bodybuilding, or just CrossFit etc. I found the idea of his cross-discipline approach to be much more appealing and in line with my own aspirations. My only concerns were his age and at the time he was new to personal training, but he overcame my qualms by demonstrating that he knew his stuff and that anything he didn’t know he would find out and get back to me. His passion was quite infectious and made me excited to get going with him.

David has written me some great programs that alone, speak for themselves. And throughout the course of working with him he’s grown and shared his knowledge with me. When I started with David I had a million and one goals that in hindsight all contradicted each other massively but David handled my expectations really well without making me feel that I was going to sacrifice in any area e.g. strength over aesthetics or fitness level etc. I like that his plans are very easy to follow once you know the movements, he invested a lot of his own time ensuring that I was comfortable with new movements in particular. I love that form and technique is such a key focus for him, he’s taught me so much about how to actually train properly. David exceeded my expectations, becoming irreplaceable to me as a coach.

Since working with David I’ve been completely injury free, which is rare for me, I put it all down to him teaching me the techniques and ensuring I am doing things correctly and taking out exercises that cause me issues. My physique has transformed but so has my mindset, David helped me realise my potential.

I always found the gym such a chore before working with David, and now it is an inherent part of my lifestyle which I actually enjoy – because David gave me the confidence to get in there and train hard, knowing what I am actually doing now. David is adaptable to your goals, not offering a cookie cutter approach. He is motivating and passionate, he cares about his clients and their progress. But unfortunately, he has small calves.

Matt – 1 Year Online Coaching – Gained 10kg Weight

“I feel phenomenal afterwards! And I feel even better when I see the results”

I felt like I reached a plateau with my own training and I felt inspired by David’s knowledge and attention to detail, so decided to give his coaching a shot.

I’d always been put off the idea of working with a coach in general, most probably because I’d feel pushed outside my comfort zone. In the end, that’s where the growth happens!

I really see the value of having a coach having worked with David. I’ve personally noticed that when you train yourself in the gym, you’ll go easy on yourself, you’ll go a weight lighter or a rep or set less etc. You won’t really try new stuff because it feels awkward or you aren’t sure if you’re doing it right.

Working with David takes that decision out of your hands and simplifies the whole process. Knowing he’ll be checking my progress pushes me to do the extra reps and sets, to go the weight heavier. Plus the whole process is simplified, I go into the gym, I know what I have to do, I do my session and I leave.

When I started with David my goal was to get bigger! Initially it was just ‘Get to 80kg’. Funnily my favourite thing about working with David is how he kicks my ass! He’ll encourage and push me to go that bit harder or heavier. If I’m being a wuss about leg day I get a ‘motivational’ voice message via WhatsApp. And the plans always have something new in them. It’s a new style, something different, whether its rep ranges, exercises, sets, tempos. Always feels like a shock to the system for every new plan and something new aches each week!

Providing a structured plan with a range of diet options uncomplicated a lot of it, plus the availability to answer the question when I’m clueless about an exercise, feel a nagging injury etc.

I would say that David past my expectations to be honest. My Diet is a hell of a lot better. Fitness and physique is way up, I keep stopping by mirrors and windows to ‘mire at myself. Confidence has definitely improved. I’m no longer the small guy in the gym just doing what he feels like. I walk around the gym with a purpose and a plan.

If I were to refer a friend to David the main thing I’d say to them is that David’s coaching works! Haha. I’ll be honest, the workouts are ‘nice’, they’re not ‘pleasant’, at least for the first week or two. But they work, and you get the benefits. And you feel phenomenal afterwards! And you feel even better when you see the results.

I did think David would be taller though…

Sanne – 1 Year Personal Training & 6 Months Online Coaching – Full Training Overhaul

“I’ve grown muscle mass on my legs and the usual aches and pains do not hold me back as they used to. I’m so happy with how I look now”

I knew from previous experiences that I benefit from a trainer, but I had hit a plateau after a certain amount of time. After an initial conversation David noticed things about my form and technique that my previous trainer failed to notice for over two years. I was confident that he could give me the support I needed to train safely and effectively and knew the strategies I needed to achieve my goals.

When I started with David, I wanted to gain strength, and wanted to bulk up and gain muscle (particularly in my legs). Since achieving that I then changed direction to lean up again, and I’m so happy with how I look now.

I like the fact that everything about David’s training plans is thought through, and that he can explain why he’s designed a program a certain way. He can justify his decisions very clearly, giving me the confidence that I understand how the program will help me achieve my goals. I've never worked harder to improve my lifting technique which is very important to me.

David exceeded my expectations. Since starting with David, I feel my lifting technique has improved significantly and the usual aches and pains do not hold me back as they used to. Using the right technique has helped me target the right muscles and train in a more focused manner. I spend far more time stretching and working on my mobility (which I neglected before) and am far more aware of my body and how to take care of it. And I’ve grown muscle mass on my legs which makes me very happy!

For anyone interested in working with David I would tell them David could help them to hone in on their specific goals and how to achieve them (e.g. what is realistic and why) and offer insight and guidance using his training plans. I'd also recommend his services to any of my friends who are moving away from the treadmill and hoping to try weightlifting for the first time.

Scott - 12 Week Pro Plan – Home Garage Gym

When I started working with Dave I wanted to get back into training as id had about 1 and ½ years out due to change in my job and lifestyle. My main aim was to achieve a leaner muscular physique as well as gaining strength at the time. My starting BF was around 15-20% and I wanted to drop down to 8-12% while increasing my muscle mass.

I really like the training programme that Dave set up for me. I asked for him to design a programme that focussed on 3 training sessions a week, as that best fit my schedule with work and weekends. The programme Dave designed for me had a fantastic range of exercises and with each day focusing on different lifts and reps ranges which kept the workouts very fun and interesting. I noticed really good gains in strength on my lifts all the way through the programme and smashed some PR’s at the end!

3 benefits that I found from doing David’s programme were; Improved body composition (much leaner with a muscular look). Improved Strength (Hit some nice PR’s on the bench press in particular). Self-confidence (Much happier with the way I look now. Even with a t-shirt on I have had lots of comments about how I look better and healthier)

I would defiantly recommend working with David Bissell. The package of training and nutrition was the perfect blend to that came together to help me absolutely smash my goals out the park! I’ve known David for a few years and I know that he has an excellent understanding of training, fitness and nutrition. I was expecting big things from his programme and boy did it deliver and some!! David offers an excellent service that is tailored to meet your individual needs and at a reasonable price!

Shawn – 2 Years Personal Training – Broke Through Plateaus

“I got better form, I filled out my muscles more and I started pushing myself harder even”

I was impressed when David first tortured me during our trial session and by the dedication he brought to his work ever since. From following the timings to the science behind everything and the fact that he himself is a clean athlete.

My goals were purely aesthetic when I started with David.

I like how flexible and understanding David is. If I’m late, David will always stay the extra time for me where he can and he doesn’t force me to do exercises I can never understand.

David exceeded my expectations. I think it’s fair to say I got better form, I filled out my muscles more and I started pushing myself harder even when I was alone without David’s incessant yelling, haha!

He is very professional and scientific, he ‘walks the walk’ in that he follows the principles he teaches. He goes the extra mile, he is more a friend than a trainer, he knows how to be professional yet casual at the same time, always follows the science in physical training and his services are tailored.

Sherif – 8 Weeks Personal Training – Full Back Rehabilitation

“The most focused & dedicated result driver coach I’ve been with”

I was suffering from herniated lower disk, at the L5 & S1. Already completed some work with a chiropractor and did the stability exercises via Pilates, for me the next step was strengthening my muscles. So I sought out a PT and found David from my gym directory listed under the rehab section. It was important for me to have a PT who understood injury and based on some research I knew David himself had a shoulder injury, so I choose to work with him, knowing not only the exercises he’d choose would work for my Injury but that he understood the limits of a person.

I enjoyed having David as my trainer, for a lot of reasons, other than him helping me with my recovering and strengthening my glutes, which is an important muscle for back, but because David was fully focused on me. The one hour he would spend, would be focused 100% percent on me, no distraction, he would focus a lot on the form, which is key for rehab.

I’ve been with a lot of PTs, trainers, etc and seen a lot around our gym, and I could say this as a fact, David is the most focused trainer that I have seen.

Stephen – 2 Years Personal Training – Gained 4kg Muscle Dropped 2kg Fat

“I’m fitter, leaner, and stronger. I eat better and sleep better and I’ve much more energy.”

David was pleasant, approachable, and professional in appearance and his own body is in good shape. I had no doubts whatsoever about working with David. I’m fitter, leaner, and stronger. I eat better and sleep better and I’ve much more energy. My goals were body toning, feeling fitter and stronger.

David has an upbeat personality and great explanation of the exercise. I like the help, attention to detail and encouragement he gives. David has a great ability to adapt a difficult exercise that can’t be done to one more achievable with the same muscle group. David provides updated information on progress I’m making and the encouragement given. He’s easily contactable and responds quickly to information requests, has good knowledge of supplements needed on an individual level.

David takes personal training to another level, he provides 100% to the time spent in the gym. Where other personal trainers spend 1 hr training with me David spends 100% of 1 hr training with me and more…. There is a difference with David try him and see why other trainers can’t make the same grade as him, it’s another level in training, he is very professional with a good looking body himself. He names the exercise, demonstrates it well and shows which muscles are working, he encourages progress and pushes for maximum gain from the gym time spent. He makes swift adaptions to each exercise’s to maintain fast progress. His programs are transportable.

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