February 24, 2018
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April 26, 2018

To pack on size you need to eat good foods and hit precise calorie and macro targets, let me show you exactly what’s in each meal I eat and why and how I adjusted calories over a number of weeks to reach a steady bulk.

The Importance of Nutrition

Going to start with a quick point about the importance of nutrition, probably heard 70% nutrition, 30% training or something similar. Is this true? Well, the short answer is yes. I like to say that nutrition determines your weight, training determines the composition of that weight. So they do both go hand in hand, but ultimately you won’t add muscle if the calories aren’t there and you won’t lose fat if you’re not expending more calories than your consuming. I want to add muscle, meaning the surplus calories HAVE to be there…

The Nutrition Plan

Before I continue, here’s a look at the nutrition plan. Digest this.

Wholefoods While Hyperpalatable 

Focusing on whole foods mostly but looking to get some more hyper-palatable foods in there as well to make the digestive process a little bit easier. It’s good to have lots of fibre and lots of volumous foods but at this stage, there are a few foods in here that’ll help make it a little easier on the digestive system. As I’m trying to eat a lot of calories it’ll be of no use for me to be full and bloated all the time. And that’s why I have a lot of intra-workout carbs as well as I’ll be able to consume those while I’m training, it’s a big chunk of calories without really thinking about it as my body is crying out for it while I’m training.

Fruit and Vegetables

Make sure they’re in there! I gravitated towards fruits as they’re easy to digest and add some flavour. Being on a surplus I don’t have to worry as much about the sugars and carbs found in fruit where I might do so when trying to lose weight.

Adjusting Based on Weekly Progress

I didn’t start with this exact grammage of each meal. At the start of my bulk I was coming from a good place, abs-lean, the plan was to start creeping up calories slowly so we can get some growing done before we start the dieting phase, making sure I’ nice and full and maximise my growth potential before we start dieting into the show but not going to heavy on the calories too quickly and causing excess bodyfat.

How I did this:

  • After week 1 I was only just getting into the plan
  • During week 2 we did weight check-ins 3 times across the week, I actually lost weight and got tighter so we increased carbs across a few of the main meals, and I got an extra bagel in the morning.
  • After week 3 and going into week 4 I still wasn’t adding that much weight so we added in an extra snack to get to what I’m on now.

You can download my diet plan with the different edits we made along the way below and gave a go at bulking with me.

DIET PLAN *Bear in mind that this nutrition program is fully customised to me. If you’d like me to make a nutrition program custom to you please see the services section where I list all the ways I can help you reach your goals.

For more details on the plan and meal prep tips watch the full YouTube video where I really delve into all aspects of the meal plan.



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