As all personal training packages are unique, terms can vary from client to client, we recommend you book a consultation. For generalised terms and conditions of personal training with David at City Athletic Victoria please see Terms & Conditions.

Provision of Services
David Bissell Fitness will provide you with your schedule, training plan, diet plan or guidelines and cardio program. All plans are 100% tailored to you including your circumstances such as how often you can workout, equipment, injuries, preferences, family situation, current ability and more. You’ll receive coaching alongside the plans, coaching can be described as a development technique that utilises listening, questioning, clarifying and re-framing, we’ll share one-to-one conversations as the main interaction technique in order to enhance your skills, knowledge and ability to execute the plans.

Term of Coaching
From the moment you make payment your term (1, 3 or 6 months) begins and your first direct debit for thereafter is scheduled. This means that at the time of making payment you should ensure you have the availability to start your diet and training regimes promptly, and if there is anything you are unsure of that may affect your ability to start then please get in contact with us first.

Refund Policy
As soon as any planning or work starts on your coaching, including your initial phone call, we enforce a strict no refund policy to protect the time that we put into setting up your programs. In the event that the service is not used at all for whatever reason, then full refunds will be offered up to 14 days after purchase has been made. This applies for both your initial coaching term and the recurring monthly payments.

Cancelling Recurring Payments
Your first recurring payment is automatically scheduled for the day after your initial coaching period finishes. To cancel your recurring payment, and cancel your coaching, please email us at davd@davidbissell.com within 7 days of the date scheduled for your next payment.
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