Martina – 1 Year Personal Training – Full Body Re-composition
February 11, 2018

“He made the sessions fun, we have a laugh between sets and I enjoy them”

I first decided to work with David because of good feedback from my wife who had already been working with David. Initially I was hesitant because of his age and wondered if we’d have much in common. Since I started working with him his knowledge made it clear that experience counts over years.

He made the sessions fun, we have a laugh between sets and I enjoy them. My goals when I started with David were to put on some muscle, improve general fitness and diet. Stop the middle age slide as I used to be a lot fitter. There’s many things I like about working with David as a personal trainer.

He’s flexible, he’ll work around my schedule and other commitments to ensure we can always fit some sessions in. Adaptability, if I complain of an injury he thinks of an alternative exercise or ways around it. Easy to reach, I can send him questions on whatsapp or email and always receive replies.

Knowledge, having seen his own goals that he achieved it’s clear that he knows what he’s talking about and what it takes. David surpassed my expectations. My physique has improved, friends comment on holiday. Lifestyle has improved, I drink less often and think more about what I’m eating.

Confidence and energy levels have improved (maybe not the latter when cutting!). If you’re thinking of working with David, DO IT!