Chris – 18 Weeks Personal Training – Gained 3kg Muscle
December 30, 2017
Hugo – 12 Weeks Personal Training – Lost 4.5kg Fat Gained 1.5kg Muscle
February 11, 2018

“I always found the gym such a chore before working with David, and now it is an inherent part of my lifestyle which I actually enjoy”

David was friendly, passionate and knowledgeable when we initially met and during my consultation. I liked that his approach to fitness wasn’t put in a single box, i.e. just bodybuilding, or just CrossFit etc.

I found the idea of his cross-discipline approach to be much more appealing and in line with my own aspirations. My only concerns were his age and at the time he was new to personal training, but he overcame my qualms by demonstrating that he knew his stuff and that anything he didn’t know he would find out and get back to me. His passion was quite infectious and made me excited to get going with him.

David has written me some great programs that alone, speak for themselves. And throughout the course of working with him he’s grown and shared his knowledge with me. When I started with David I had a million and one goals that in hindsight all contradicted each other massively but David handled my expectations really well without making me feel that I was going to sacrifice in any area e.g. strength over aesthetics or fitness level etc.

I like that his plans are very easy to follow once you know the movements, he invested a lot of his own time ensuring that I was comfortable with new movements in particular. I love that form and technique is such a key focus for him, he’s taught me so much about how to actually train properly.

David exceeded my expectations, becoming irreplaceable to me as a coach. Since working with David I’ve been completely injury free, which is rare for me, I put it all down to him teaching me the techniques and ensuring I am doing things correctly and taking out exercises that cause me issues.

My physique has transformed but so has my mindset, David helped me realise my potential. I always found the gym such a chore before working with David, and now it is an inherent part of my lifestyle which I actually enjoy – because David gave me the confidence to get in there and train hard, knowing what I am actually doing now.

David is adaptable to your goals, not offering a cookie cutter approach. He is motivating and passionate, he cares about his clients and their progress. But unfortunately, he has small calves.